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Vending Business Information, Issue #015 -- Snack Items In The Summer Heat
May 07, 2011

Snack Items In The Summer Heat

Summer holds unique challenges for those in the vending business. Id like to talk about something that needs to be done before summer hits, such as what to put in place of chocolate in hot locations.

Those of you that live in the southern hemisphere are moving into the winter months now and are probably saying why are you writing this now.

Items That Hold Up Well

The best tasting chocolate does not hold up to heat well as we all know. There are some chocolate items like Baby Ruth, Butterfingers, and M&Ms that will stand up to heat better than most. Even these two items will not hold up well once the temperature starts nearing 90 degrees.

Some items that have been used by the vending industry for many years are things like Tootsie Rolls, Twizzlers, Pierson Nut Rolls, Pay Day, Peanut Block, Star Burst, Skittles and Runts.

You want to start thinking of which locations you will be able to keep chocolate in and for those that are not in air conditioning start taking steps to get in the items you plan on using this summer.

Which Accounts Are Air Conditioned

Not being in the vending business many of your accounts turn the thermostat up when they go home for the weekend. Talking with your contacts now will save you head aches in the next few weeks.

In Closing

Get some summer candies in for the accounts that will not be air-conditioned.

Start getting with your contacts to see who is air-conditioned and if they keep it cool enough on the weekends that chocolate will be safe from melting.

By talking now you will be surprised how many of your locations will be air-conditioned and how many will be willing to work with you.

Dennis Slack

PS: Marcie and I would like to thank all of you from Europe that have been inquiring about our snack boxes. Yes we are planning on having distribution of our boxes in Europe. They will need to be manufactured and distributed in Europe, as shipping is a major factor.

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