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Vending Business Information, Issue #016-- History Of Vending Machines
May 15, 2011

History Of Vending Machines

What is a vending machine? The definition of vending quoted from

To sell by means of a vending machine.

While definition of vending machine quoted from Wikipedia is: A vending machine is a machine that dispenses merchandise when a customer deposits money, validated by a currency detector, sufficient to purchase the desired item (as opposed to a shop, where the presence of personnel is required for every purchase).

Usually, the machine may consist of a big rectangular-shaped box, standing up, that has a place to insert coins or bills into the machine. Merchandise to sell is placed in the vending machine and when a customer inserts adequate money and select the item he or she wants, the vending machine will automatically release the item through a special hole that is found at the lower part of the machine.

Do you know the history of vending machine? Vending machine has a long history and let's learn about it:

215 BC, the ancient Greeks invented an urn and placed it in an Egyptian temple, which dispensed a certain amount of holy water. It was considered as the first vending machine.

Early of 1880s, the first coin operated vending machines were invented in London. They were postcards vending machines.

Richard Carlisle invented books vending machine.

Coin acceptor mechanisms that distinguish genuine coins from fake has made vending machines become more popular.

The first vending machine in United States was located on the subway platforms in New York City. It was invented by The Thomas Adams Company, dispensed Tutti Frutti gum.

Pulver Manufacturing Company introduced the first animated gum vending machines in 1897.

Gumball vending machines and round candy gumball vending machines was firstly introduced in 1907.

Early of 1900s, co-operated bars and cafes broke out like crazy in France and Germany.

Horn & Hadart (1902 - 1962) was a completely coin-operated restaurant in Philadelphia. Variety products were offered since: cigarettes, stamps, postcards, candy, gumball, etc.

1926, William Rowe from America invented a cigarette-vending machine.

1965, canned soft drinks vending machines were invented.

1981, the "talking" vending machines were invented. Up to date, vending machines has come in different shapes and sizes, dispenses various products.

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