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Vending Business Information, Issue #018 -- Where To Place A Snack Box? (Continued from last week)
May 28, 2011

Where To Place A Snack Box? (Continued from last week)

Who Do You Give Your Presentation To?

In most cases when you walk into a business someone will greet you. That is the person you will introduce yourself to and start into your presentation.

In some cases you will be told you need to talk to the owner/manager but it may surprise you how many employees will make this type of a decision.

If they are not the owner/manager you will find that most every time the box has been placed it will remain placed.

How Long Should The Presentation Last?

Your presentation should not last more than 1 minute. I have included the presentation I used on my web site and if you would like to use it or get an idea what to say just click here. You are dealing with business people that may have a lot on their mind when you walk in the door. Keep in mind if they are going to listen to you they want you to get straight to the point.

You do want to cover the important points in the presentation so that they feel they can make an intelligent decision. Remember, the customer wants the essentials to make their decision but they donít want you wasting their time.

Where To Place The Box Inside The Location?

Some businesses have a lot of walk in traffic while others do not. If you can get the box where the walk in traffic has access you will of course sell more.

The owner may want you to place the box in the back for just his/her employees. You will find that in most cases the owner has a place in mind when they OK you to place the box.

If they do not have the location in mind suggest leaving it where their customers can enjoy a snack while they are being waited on.


The placing of a snack box is one of the easiest sales I know of. The most important thing is getting it in the door. Keep your presentation short and to the point. Do not worry about where it is placed just that it is placed.

My philosophy was to give the presentation to anyone that would listen. When a non-decision maker hears the presentation and that it cost nothing and there are no strings attached you will be surprised how many will say yes.

It is always a pleasure pulling into a city block and running 3 or 4 snack boxes before having to move the vehicle again. Try to keep your accounts close together that is the secret to success.

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