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Vending Business Information, Issue #001 -- Why a snack box route is a good starting point.
September 11, 2010

Honor Snack Boxes Are A Good Place To Start

You are probably wondering why honor boxes are on a vending site. The reason is that it does not take a lot of money to start an honor snack box route. In this business you can start out part time and growth can be funded with your profits.

While building a snack box business you will begin to pickup the knowledge that can be used if you decide to take the next step into the vending business. You will find no better way to learn about the industry and be financially rewarded at the same time.

Are Your Funds Limited?

If your funds are limited and you desire to get out of the 9:00 to 5:00 rat race snack boxes are a great way to take the first step. In the vending business snacks and candy are two of the more profitable categories. Snacks and candy are the two items you will be selling through your snack boxes so you can see why starting with snack boxes is a great idea.

The boxes are easy to place. Everyone likes snacks and candy. Your presentation is short and asks nothing of the customer except to allow you to leave a snack box at their location.

Depending on your product mix in the boxes you should not have over $40.00 in a box and that includes the cost of the box. You can use your car to deliver the boxes in the early stages of your business. You can also help hold down expenses by working from your home to begin with.

Ten Percent Unemployment

The news tells you our nation has around 10% unemployment and times are tough right now for many of our people. Well, I do feel for those who have lost their jobs. What they need is work and that is what the entrepreneur does when she takes a chance-she produces jobs.

I would like you to remember you will be placing your boxes in businesses for employees and they are 100 percent employed. Even if your box is placed where the general public can get to it remember 90% of them are employed.

It is true some businesses are struggling out there, but snack boxes sell snacks and they are an impulse sale. People do not think about buying a snack they just do it.

I have added a lot of information to the snack box pages and trust that you will take another look at them. Just follow the text links to see all of the new information that has been added.

While sitting with my banker one day he looked at me and said “snack boxes are the perfect business”. You can start on a shoestring, build a business with the profits and never pay the bank a dime of interest.

Your Friend in Business,


PS: I have truly enjoyed hearing from all of you, keep the questions and comments coming.

PSS: I enjoy hearing all of the stories snack box operators have been so gracious in sending.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this zine and tell me what you think!

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