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Vending Business Information, Issue #021 -- Choosing A Full Line Vending Machine Manufacturer
June 19, 2011

Choosing A Full Line Vending Machine Manufacturer

My choice is the Crane National brand whose home office is in St Louis, Missouri. Crane recently moved the main factory to Williston, South Carolina. This company has become the largest vending machine manufacturer in the United States. Read on to see how that benefits you.

Crane National dates back to the 1920ís when it was known as National Vendors. They own over 50% of the market share in the United States. Most of the major bottlers buy equipment from Crane National.

They own such brand names as Dixie Narco, API, and GPL and of course, Crane National. Crane Payment Solutions is Crane Nationalís branch that covers coin mechanisms, bill acceptors and other payment solutions for the vending industry.

Cost Control

Crane National operates their plant in Williston, South Carolina, on the Toyota Production System, which keeps parts within arms reach of the workers on the line. This system has many advantages and helps to keep their facility a lean manufacturer.

The system helps to keep their labor cost in line and keeps them competitive in todayís market.


Innovation has been the main reason the company has been able to stay ahead in market share. Their newest machines are moving beyond the traditional black box vending machine, with interactive screens, bright displays, and many other new ideas.

They are investing today for the future of the vending industry and have been the industry leader for many years.


Crane National has a toll free tech line that is available for their customers during normal business hours. When problems arise in the field the vendor knows they have the support that is needed to get their problem resolved and their equipment back up and running.

Parts are readily available for their equipment and there are after market companies that build parts for Crane machines.

Some after market companies have developed electronic boards that help to bring new vending machine features to older Crane equipment. This is very beneficial for the vendor that wants to bring their equipment up to date without purchasing new machines.


There are many good vending machine manufacturers in the United States. Crane National is a mature company that has all of the features of support and equipment the vendor is looking for. This includes vending machines and money handling systems making Crane National very hard to beat.

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