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Vending Business Information, Issue #026 --Honor Snack Box Company Directory
July 23, 2011

Honor Snack Box Company Directory

The directory page is the snack box operatorís page to advertise his/her company. The cost is nothing and you are listed on a site that is ranked in the top one percent in the world. When I started Vending Business Information one of my goals was to unite the snack box operators of not only the United States but also of the world. I remember what it was like to be in a business that you feel like you are all alone in.

The Convention

The more I write the more I would like to have a convention for Honor snack box operators. Getting together to share with others and seeing what is new in our business would be the goals of a convention. I need your help to accomplish my goal. If you will tell one operator about the snack box directory you will be helping unite the industry. Let them know it cost them nothing to advertise their company. Staying in touch with the e-zine will be the most effective way for our industry to unite. I would enjoy hearing stories from operators that could be published and sent out to other operators through our e-zine. The e-zine sign up is in the right column toward the top of almost every page of my web site. If you encourage operators you know to sign up for this e-zine it will help us unite the industry.

The Community Page

Joining the community page on our site gives operators a place to share their experiences. Toward the bottom of the page you will find a place to send in a story or to ask for help from operators that may have more experience.

I was visiting with Vic from North Carolina this week. He will talk with anyone who is thinking of going into the honor snack box business. He gave me permission to share his number. Vic has been in the snack box business for 28 years and has a wealth of knowledge.

If you would like to visit with Vic contact me and I will give you his number. Vic does not have a computer and does not intend on having one.

I would like to welcome Hundley's Vending the newest member to the snack box directory page. It would be nice if the e-zine members would drop Sheila a line welcoming her to the directory.

Your friend in business,

Dennis Slack

Cell 1-319-931-9165

PS Iím writing this e-zine this Thursday morning the 21st of July. Tuesday morning I got up and Marcie had sent me an anniversary card wishing me a happy 22nd wedding anniversary. (OOPS!)

We are on vacation and have seen a lot of sites in the Badlands and in the Black Hills of SD. It seems so strange to see Bison walking around on an open range.

The motor home has given us a few problems but that has just kept us grounded in the real world.

Marcie and I truly enjoy hearing from you. We hope we can be of help to those who are in the business or thinking of going into the business.

Marcie spent years in the snack box business with me and I still bounce my ideas off her. Marcie also is a COTA and has a site on wheelchairs.

Vending Business Information

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