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Vending Business Information, Issue #029 -- Used Vending Machines
August 21, 2011

Used Vending Machines

Used vending machines, the pros and cons. We are going to discuss the used vending machine. What are the advantages of used and what are the disadvantages of used vending machines.

Age Of Equipment

The age of the equipment should be considered when you are purchasing used. There are a few things to ask to help determine the age of the equipment.

1.Is the machine Dex compatible?

2.Can each item be priced individually?

3.Does it have or will it accept a smart mech?

4.Does it have a bill acceptor, if not will it accept one?

These are some questions to ask if you are buying used equipment. If the seller answers no to any of the above questions it should set off a warning signal. These are things that most machines use in todayís modern era of vending machines.

What Brand To Buy?

I have written about Crane National equipment on my web site. I believe the advantages of buying Crane equipment are numerous.

Some of the advantages to buying Crane used vending machines are that you can buy parts easily. They will hold their value better when compared to other brands.

I personally donít believe there is a better cold food or snack machine on the market. One more brand I would like to endorse is API (Automatic Products International). Crane National also owns this brand.

GPL machines are Craneís basic machines, they donít come with all the bells and whistles so to speak, but they are solid workhorses in the vending machine industry.

New Price Versus Used Vending Machines Price

Before going out to buy used equipment you should price some new. Once you have an idea of what new prices are you can start looking for used equipment.

If the equipment works good and looks good paying half the price of new is a good starting point. Keep in mind the price can vary depending on the age and other factors we talked about earlier.

Should Used Be An Option To Pursue?

I think used is an option that many full line venders will pursue if machines are available. I also think that it is something someone new to the business should also pursue.

Vending has a high capital investment compared to many businesses. It only makes sense to try and hold down on the purchase price of your equipment.

It is possible to find some good bargains on the Internet but in most cases I would recommend going through a reputable dealer. The dealer will normally go through the used equipment before selling it.

In most cases they will paint or replace the vinyl on the machines. Having nice looking used vending machines when you are setting up a new account will get you and your new customer off on the right foot.


Over 95 percent of the equipment I bought was new. When you buy new you are going to be borrowing more money at the bank unless you are independently wealthy.

It also means higher payments at the bank and lower profits until the equipment is paid for. What I am saying is I think I made a mistake in buying all new equipment. This call, of course, is your call but looking back now I would do things differently this time around.

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Your friend in business,

Dennis Slack

Vending Business Information

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