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Vending Business Information, Issue #030 -- Shortage And The Honor Snack Box
August 27, 2011

Shortage And The Honor Snack Box

In this article we are going to talk about the money shortage in the honor snack box business, how to manage the shortage and how much shortage is acceptable. We are going to compare shortage in the snack box business to commissions in the vending business.

Controlling Shortage

There are two different ways of controlling shortage in the snack box business. Some operators have come up with cards that will stand upright in the box.

The cards are reusable and will have different messages on them. Some of the messages Iíve seen are:

1. Thank you for being honest.

2. Your fellow employees trust you.

3. Hi neighbor. Please pay for what you take.

4. Who Forgot?

5. Happy days are here again.

As you can see with the above examples you can tell your customers in a friendly way that you are having a problem. You can also deliver the message in varying degrees of seriousness.

The second way, which is the way I always handled the problem is to put a preprinted Post It on the box you are dropping off. The Post It I used would say: We Love to serve you but you were _______ short on your last delivery.

You can fill in the blank space with the amount. Most of the time I did not use the amount I would just leave it blank. When an account was getting out of control then I would add the amount.

How Much Shortage Is Unacceptable?

Every operator has different feelings on this subject. Here are mine and you can make up your own mind what will be acceptable for you.

I always wanted to hold my shortage at about 15 to 20 % for each route. I would go through my books and look for accounts that were beginning to be a problem.

If the box was normally in good shape for shortage and all of a sudden it bounced upward I would wait to see if it was going to continue being short before I would place a card on the box.

If the account was running some shortage on a regular basis and it hit the 15 to 20% range I would not hesitate to card them but in most cases would not write the amount down.

If the box hits 30% or more in shortage I would put the amount in. Keep in mind when you put the amount in the honest people that pay every time are shocked when they see it.

Snack Box Shortage And Vending Commissions

When it is all said and done you will be giving some of your profits away in either snack boxes or vending. The difference is in the form you give it away. Snack boxes are in the form of shortage with a lot less money tied up in the box versus commission in the vending business.

Your friend in business

Dennis Slack

PS I have started a new directory for the vending side of the web site. The first company to list on this page is the one who come up with the idea. Lets all welcome Better Choice Vending and drop them a welcome message at

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PSSS We will be running a sale on our snack boxes over the Labor Day weekend. It will last through the holiday weekend and end on Monday the 5th at midnight.

The coupon code will be Labor Day. You will be asked at check out to enter the code and then it will apply the discount.

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