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Vending Business Information, Issue #033 -- Whatís New At Vending Business Information?
September 17, 2011

Whatís New At Vending Business Information?

I have always felt like I needed to push myself to move onward to bigger and better things. I know many of you are the same as me in this sense. Today I want to visit with you about some things that I am looking into for Vending Business Informationís future.

Pod Casting

I truly enjoy writing but Pod casting is something I am reading about and in the future I think it is something that will find its way into Vending Business Information.

I hope to interview some of the heavy hitters in the vending business and to create pod casts of the interviews. Each and every one of us can bring a fresh idea to the table that maybe even a seasoned veteran has not thought about.

I hope to answer questions and to hear new ideas from all of you. New ideas are emerging all of the time in our industry, some blossom and become stables in the industry.

New Honor Snack Box

The factory and I have started the ball rolling on a new snack box. We will still have the box that is listed on the web page but we will be adding a second box to the line up.

This new box is a few months away from production as the planning and building of a new cutting die is costly and takes time. We are truly excited and want to offer our customers a choice.

Affiliate Program

We are looking at adding an affiliate program for those of you that have your own web site. Vending Business Information would be able to offer our products through a referral from your web site and pay you a commission for the referral.

The affiliate program would let the referrer collect a commission for a prescribed period of time.


These are busy times for those of us that have children that have gone back to school. Schools have a way of keeping the parents busy also.

My wife and I have sent our daughter off to college a few weeks ago and she was so ready to have her own apartment she just couldnít wait to be gone. She asked us not to call everyday like one of her friends parents do.

We have honored her wishes but she calls almost everyday.

I will be going to see a self-serve cafeteria hopefully Friday the 7th of October. It sounds interesting and I will be letting you know what I find out in a future ezine.

As always I truly enjoy the feed back many of you have given me and I always look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. I list my phone and my email at the end of these ezines for your convenience.

Your friend in business

Dennis Slack

Cell phone 1-319-931-9165

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