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Vending Business Information, Issue #035 -- Do Vending Companies Need To Go Green?
October 02, 2011

Do Vending Companies Need To Go Green?

This article is going to explain some of the reasons you may want to consider going green. The advantages it will have for you and your company both environmentally and financially.

As most of you know I sold my snack box company and went into the vending business. In August of 2009 I sold my vending business to a regional vending company and went to work for them as a regional manager.

Recently operations and sales where split and I went to the sales side of the company. I am beginning to catch on to the way corporations work.

I received a call from one of my accounts that they wanted to have a meeting with me and the meeting would be about recycling. I have never been too concerned about recycling but I thought the meeting would be educational.

You see living in rural Iowa away from any major city I didnít see much of a need for saving the environment.

When I got to the meeting I set down with our largest accounts environmental team. It was only three of us but I found out right away these two people where very serious about controlling the footprint their company is leaving on the environment.

I could tell I was out of my league so I admitted that this was an area I didnít know much about and I began listening to them. People enjoy sharing their knowledge and the meeting went well.

They wanted to buy plates and silverware that are compostable. They had been talking to a company that makes compostable dinnerware (not bio degradable but compostable).

Turns out compostable breaks down much faster than bio degradable and can be sold to a company that will take their food waste.

Some of you may be asking why this company is worrying about this type of a matter, and so was I, so I asked them why they were so concerned.

They explained to me that it only makes good sense to sell your waste than to pay to have it removed. Plus these people genuinely believe in what they are doing.

I explained that I would be going to a meeting in southern Missouri this week where about ten of us including the owner of our company would be going over any concerns we have.

I explained it would be a good time to bring up the matter of them wanting compostable dinnerware.

Tomorrow I will be going back to meet with this companies environmental committee and a representative from the makers of the tableware. My plans will be to sell the idea of the tableware in our upcoming meeting.


Our customer is willing to pay more for this type of tableware so it will not cost us a thing. We will look good to our customer for picking up the silverware they want to buy from us.

Our customer will look good to their customers. One of their customers is one of the largest companies in the world. Our customer is graded by this customer on how much of an environmental footprint they are leaving behind.

Some of the largest companies are giving their business to companies that are scoring well on their environmental test especially if costs are close to being the same.


If you are looking to gain business in todayís market being able to say that you are making efforts to go green just may be the thing to push the business your way.

This is especially true with the larger companies in your market.

Your friend in business

Dennis Slack

PS I enjoy hearing from you keep the emails coming.

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