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Vending Business Information, Issue #003 -- Ten Reasons To Go Into The Vending Business
November 13, 2011

Honor Snack Box Shortage Control Cards

A tool of the snack box trade is the subject I want to talk with you about today. We will talk mainly about the shortage control card-it’s function and how it should be used. Why not using it is a recipe for trouble and how nice life can be by using it.

Going to work in the snack box business without shortage control cards is like a carpenter going to work without a hammer, a doctor going to see a patient without a stethoscope, or a taxi cab driver going to work without a drivers license.

Anyone of these three trades, and as far as that goes any trade known to man, has tools they need to perform their job.

Veterans of the business

Any veteran snack box operator will not leave the warehouse in the morning without his/her shortage control cards. It is the one tool in the operator’s arsenal that will make them more money than any other tool they possess.

You want your customers to pay for everything they take from the box, but reality says there are some people that need to be reminded from time to time. My thought is that most people we deal with are good honest hard working people that have no intentions of harming anyone.

Good Intentions And The Impulse

Most of your customers will pay each time they take an item from your box but you do have the individual that has good intentions but only has a $5.00 bill on him at that moment when the impulse hits. And being a snack box operator you already know our business is an impulse business.

Taking the philosophy that most people are just good honest people, we as snack box operators need to discipline ourselves to card our customers when that time comes.

We know that placing a reminder on the box is all it will take in most cases to turn a good account around when shortage gets a little higher than we want it to be. We also know that in most cases the guilty party knows who they are and the friendly reminder is all it is going to take to get him/her back on track.

The Sale

For those of you interested in the shortage control cards they are 15% off this week.

We also have a new snack box base stand enabling you to provide your own stand for the snack box when counter space is tight at your customers location.

It is also 15% off this week. The base stand will work with our wood grained box 15.75” x 17.75” or boxes that are 11.75” x 23.75 making it desirable for many snack box operators.

In the Promotions and Discount box type in the word control in the yellow box. Click on the update cart link at the bottom of the page to see the discount.

The word control will work with either item on sale this week. Sale ends at midnight 11-19-2011.

To see the cards or base stands.

Your friend in the vending business

Dennis Slack

Vending Business Information

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