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Vending Business Information, Issue #004 -- Bulk Vending A Family Business
February 19, 2011

Bulk Vending A Family Business

Can I make a living with bulk vendors? Where do I buy the bulk-vending product? Where do I buy the bulk vendor? Can I start a bulk vending business as a part time business? Can my family help in this type of a business?

Yes you can make a living in the bulk vending business. The nice thing about bulk vending is you don't have to spend a few thousand dollars to buy your first machine. You can buy bulk vendors last I looked in the 50-dollar range.

There are two major manufacturers of bulk vending machines in America. One would be Oak and the other would be Northwestern, these two companies have been in the business for many years and I would recommend either brand.

Product And Where To Buy It

There are suppliers to the bulk vending business that specialize in product. The one that comes to mind first for me is Five Star Distributors out of Chicago, Illinois. I bought product from them when I was in the business and would recommend them.

When most of us are starting out we are looking for a supplier that doesn't require large orders and in this case I would recommend going to Sam's Club or a distributor like them.

The bulk vending toy business is an area I personally don't have a lot of experience in so I am recommending an ebook that I consider to be an authority in this area Click Here!.

Where To Buy Bulk Vendors

I had always bought my vendors from 5 Star Distributor out of Chicago, but there are many suppliers across the nation that you can buy from. I would recommend 5 Star to anyone that wants to get into the business as they always treated me well.

This is positively a business that the family can be involved in. Any member of your family that has a driverís license can service the machines.

Most locations will only need to be serviced once per month. In some instances it may be necessary to service a large account more frequently but most of the bulk vendors on the market today have a large enough capacity that coming more than once a month will not be necessary.


Bulk vending can be a full time or part time business. This is a business that can take as little as one day per month to take care of and can supply you with a few hundred extra dollars in income each and every month.

For someone wanting to leave the 9 to 5 world or for the person that wants to earn extra income and not spend hours every month doing it bulk vending is a tremendous business to go into.

PS: For those of you that have expressed an interest in our new honor snack boxes, the new release date on them is 3-7-2011. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Dennis Slack

Bulk Vending

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