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Vending Business Information, Issue #059 -- The Dream
September 15, 2012

The Dream

When you were young were you told not to dream such wild dreams? Were you told to be realistic about what you were dreaming about or what you were dreaming for?

If you were told this type of thing do you feel like it could be holding you back today?

The Fear Of Success

Stop and think about it, are you afraid of success? I know all of us dream of success but are you one of those that can’t seem to step out of your comfort zone? If you never step out of your comfort zone could it be that you are someone that was told not to dream too big? If you step out of your comfort zone and fail what will friends and family say about you?

Will you be called the big loser because of failing when you step out of your comfort zone and things don’t go just as you planned?

Stop Thinking About Failing

Without a big dream most of everything that has been worthwhile would never have been accomplished. I have tried to tell my kids to dream and to go after their dreams. Some may say that I’m setting my kids up for failure and I would agree with them. If you never fail are you really doing anything?

I hope that my kids fail more than most because if they are failing I know that they ultimately will be successful in life.

No I Won’t Be Afraid

As I’m sitting here on the patio of our room at the Couples Resort in Jamaica there is a Jamaican singing No I Won’t Be Afraid down on the beach. He is hoping that some of the tourists will drop a few coins in his can. He has a dream, it may not be as big as yours but he is dreaming of a big pay day on the beach. He knows not everyone will drop a coin in his can but he is persistent.

I like to believe I’m sitting here in Jamaica because I did dream. I’m going to continue to dream because that is what I’ve always done.

The New Adventure

When I return to the states Saturday I’m looking forward to turning in my resignation on September 27th. Then on the 11th of October I’m starting another snack box business. That means I’ll be starting all over again just short of my 60th birthday. Without my dreams I would never have made it to Jamaica. Some of those that have always questioned my dreams are still doing it today but I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and neither should YOU!

Wishing you success in whatever your dream may be.


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