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Vending Business Information, Issue #063 -- Controlling Shortage In Snack Boxes
April 07, 2013

Controlling Shortage In Snack Boxes

The New Operator

Many new snack box operators don’t give enough thought to controlling shortage in their new start up venture. This can be a fatal mistake or at a minimum a set back for them.

There are two ways of controlling the shortage and the first would be to card your account letting everyone in the business know that the box is coming up short and the other way is to take the box out.

When To Card

When I have counted the money from a route one of the last things I will do is to make a list of every account that went over 30% shortages.

I will put their name on a 3x5 card and along side their name I write the dollar amount of shortage and then the percent they were short. After this is done I will take a highlighter and high light the worst offenders.

Accounts I’m not going to card on this list are accounts that lets say I talked with about the shortage or accounts that have had an employee quit that may have been the problem or accounts that were carded the last time I dropped off a box.

How To Card

When I get to an account that I have determined needs to be carded I will put the card on the box when I’m getting it out of the van. In most cases I don’t write the amount that they were short on the card.

If I do write the amount down it is because I have been carding them say at least a couple of times without putting the amount down and it is not changing the shortage. If the customer does not respond to the card when I write down the amount then I’m going to be taking the box before long.

When I take the box into the location I don’t say anything to anyone at this time about the shortage. I just leave the box with the card on it and leave thanking them on the way out.

Some of you may wonder why I approach carding in this manner. The reason is I have found that this will upset the owner or manager to the point that they are likely to tell you if the employees can’t be honest then just take the box out.

In most cases I do not want to pull the box I just want to control the shortage. By not saying anything it gives the owner or manager a couple of weeks to cool off before they talk with me and in many cases they will never say anything to me but will have a talk with their employees.


If someone comes up to me to talk about a shortage control card that was placed on their box, that is probably not the offender but someone that is truly concerned and pays for their snack every time they patronize the box.

When talking with someone like this I will down play the problem and tell them this is just my way of telling the employee they need to get their money in the box in a more timely manner. This implies they were going to pay all along and didn’t have any intentions of not paying and will help you hold onto the account.

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