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Vending Business Information, Issue #065 -- Harry Mo
October 12, 2014

What builder to use in the snack box business

As cool weather begins to set in I hope to be able to get an ezine mailed out each month. I received a phone call from a snack box operator in Connecticut. This operator has around 2000 boxes out and was telling me what he is doing since the chocolate price increase.

He was at $1.25 for everything in his boxes. He has gone to a split price in his boxes and is very excited about the early results he is having. All items except chocolate are still $1.25. The new chocolate price is $2.00. He has gone from the vend size to the king size and says that his customers understand why and are not resisting the change.

He says the dollars coming in per box has increased and he has decided to roll out the increase to all of his accounts. We all worry about price increases but they are a fact of life. This is one operators way of dealing with the increase. I would enjoy hearing from others with their way of dealing with this increase.

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