Advertising Rates

Monthly rates per calendar month. Pixel Width by Pixel Height

These are the rates to be listed on all pages of our site.

To be the sole advertiser in the right column double the monthly fees and must advertise for one year.

Must have ad and payment in our advertising department at least 15 days prior to ad being listed. Money orders will not be accepted. Payment by Credit card or PayPal.

88x31 = $50.00 US Dollars

125x125 = $100.00 US Dollars

180x150 = $200.00 US Dollars

120x240 = $300.00 US Dollars

120x600 = $500.00 US Dollars

160x600 = $600.00 US Dollars

Displayed for one month minimum.

Discounts are available for ads running multiple months

2 Months 10% discount

3 Months 20% discount

6 Months 30% discount

1 Year 40% discount

Questions: 1-319-931-9165

Questions: 1-319-931-9165

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