Bulk Vending Machine Commissions

There are many locations to place the bulk vending machine. The question is, “What will you have to offer the location to get the business?” Offering large commissions is going to be your last resort when you are selling the location.

Large Volume Accounts

When you are pitching a large volume account like a department store or grocery store you most likely will have to pay a commission and in many cases that commission will run as high as 50 percent.

There is a good mark up in the bulk vending business but you do not want to go higher than 50 percent, as it will leave the margin of profit too close for you.

This rate should only be used for the best locations. It will take a good volume of business for you to receive a satisfactory Return On Investment at 50 percent commission.

Small To Medium Size Accounts

There are plenty of places for a bulk vending machine in this category. In most cases if you handle your presentation correctly there will be no need to pay a commission.

There are several charity organizations that will provide you with stickers to place on your machines letting the location know that you are giving to their charity.

In most cases the charity will ask you to pay them a monthly commission for each of the stickers they provide you with. The going rate is normally between one and two dollars per month.

This is what I would call a win-win-win situation. The location wins because they get free publicity that they are a community minded company willing to help out a charity (their customers also gets a warm fuzzy feeling when they purchase from the machine).

It is a winning situation for your bulk vending machine business because it is much cheaper than giving the location 50 percent of your profits. You do not want to feel bad about the small amount you give to the organization as they may have 30,000 of these stickers on machines around the nation. You can see how this is a winning situation for the charitable organization.


Commissions in the bulk vending machine business as you can see can be handled in two different ways. In most cases when you are soliciting large volume accounts you will be offering them a commission.

Another way to approach these accounts is to offer them a combination commission. Offer them let’s say 30 percent and a sticker of their charity choice (have a list of charities for them to choose from).

Playing with the commissions you offer can give you a leg up on your competition for these large accounts.

On the small to midsize accounts you will want to approach them with the charitable angle, as it will be a winning situation for everyone in the loop.

This is a perfect full time or part time business that can be run from your home. Many people keep their full time jobs at least until they have a good amount of volume.

Many have enough machines located that they can take care of them once a month and have a nice side business. What ever your intent with the profit percent being so high in this business it is a good business to get into.

Charitable Organizations

American Foundation for Disabled Children, Inc. We are a National Charity assisting challenged children for over 15 years. We work closely with our vendors and provide everything they need to succeed.

Cancer Fund of America - Helping Cancer Patients and their families nationwide for over 20 years. Tax deductible. Approximately 91% of net proceeds are spent on patient services!

The National Children's Cancer Society's mission is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer through financial and in-kind assistance. Our Gumball Vending Machines Program generates over $800,000 annually; 80% of N.C.C.S. income goes to help children battling cancer.

Project Hope is a vital source of income for Child Search Ministries. We do our best to provide vendors all they need, in support supplies, labels and vending tips!

Family Life International, Inc., is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with its Hugs Not Drugs and Grandparents Against Drugs projects, seeks to end the demand for drugs by early childhood education. Our Vending Outreach Program is excellent. See our Vending Times ad.

A vending locator may be used if sales are not one of your strong points.

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