Servicing The Bulk Vending Route

Servicing a bulk vending route is all about keeping your accounts close together. In smaller communities you may want to service one city per day. In your larger cities blocking off a route to say the east side of town will help you to maximize your time.

The actual servicing of the machines only takes a matter of minutes but if you are driving 45 minutes between accounts you will find it hard to make a living. Before running a route time needs to go into organizing it so that you are productive throughout your day.

With the maps that are available online today it has become much easier to organize routes so they are cost effective. Once your routes have about 100 machines to service per day a couple extra minutes per account can really add up.

If you live in a rural area of the country as I do you may want to head out in a different direction each route servicing stops along your way to a larger community. You can find some very profitable locations in small communities on your way to the larger communities.

Taking one route to your larger community and then on your way home taking a different route will help you service some of the smaller towns in your area.

Prepare Before Leaving

Being prepared before leaving will pay big dividends on a bulk vending route. You should keep records of what products each route needs. This way you are not going to have to make a special trip back because you did not have the product you needed.

What I have found works best when servicing an account is a 3 compartment soft cooler with wheels. They can be purchased at any major department store. You can use 2 of the compartments for product and the 3rd for tools that may be needed to service your machines.

It is a good idea to have a couple of ice packs to put in the cooler during the summer months. The inside of a car or delivery van will get too hot for product on a bright sunny day.

Some of the more popular items for your bulk vending route machines are Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales, Skittles, peanuts, gumballs, and Reese’s Pieces.

A good length of time between servicing accounts is 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks some of your product will be getting close to the end of its freshness. When you are at a location you should make notes of how much product has been used and then fill your machines accordingly.

If they are going through 2/3rds of the machine filling it 3/4th the way full will help you to eliminate having any stale product. It also keeps customers happy.

Placement of your machines on the inside of your accounts is also a consideration you will need to keep in mind. If your machines are located in a location that is hit by direct sunlight your product will be going stale in a very short period of time.

Some tools and cleaning supplies you will need are:

· Business cards

· Large packaging tape (for securing business cards)

· Large and small adjustable wrenches

· Short and long Phillips head screwdrivers

· Small numbered zip lock baggies for coin collection

· Notebook and pen for keeping track of collections

· Clorox wipes

· Food service gloves

· Large baggies for product

· Non-profit brochures

· Dixie cups for giving out samples

· Keys

· Small trash bags

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