Bulk Candy And Bulk Vending Products

There are many places for the vending business to buy their bulk candy and bulk vending product. There are wholesale vending companies around the nation. There are also Sam’s Clubs, which, if you are located near a larger city, are a good place to buy bulk candy product.

There are also many wholesalers that sell non-food bulk vending products to vending machine operators. We’ll now list many of the products that are available for the operator.

Peanut M&M’s sell extremely well, a little better than the Plain M&M’s. Some of the drawbacks are the shells. In a slow location they will crack overtime, leaving you with a product that is not very appealing. Also, if they are not in a location with air conditioning, in the summer, the chocolate will melt. The M&M’s brand name commands a high wholesale price as well.

Reese’s Pieces is another good seller that is normally cheaper than the M&M’s brand item.

Skittles is a decent selling item that has a long life. They will sell best when placed in locations that have teenagers and the younger population.

Mike and Ike’s and Hot Tamales are another good seller. One of the drawbacks with these two popular items is when they are located in a high humidity environment; they have a tendency to stick together. The color will also deteriorate, making them not so appealing.

Chewy Spree is another decent selling candy.

Runts are a Nestle item that is a good mover, especially with younger people. It is a good item for the hot humid summer months.

Gumballs and Chiclets are great items with up to 2 years of life. Bubblegum machines do a good job with young people.

Peanuts and Cashews are a great item, and there are many suppliers for wholesale nuts. The life for nuts is normally a few months.

Trail mix is reported to sell well in places that have truck drivers coming and going.

Chocolate covered Raisins are a good seller, but heat is a big enemy of the chocolate.

Jellybeans are a good seller, but the cost of the premium brands may prohibit their sales.

Now for Some Non-Food Products

Bouncy balls are a classic, but can cause choking when young children think they are gum.

Condoms for the condom vending machine operator. Trojan condoms have the brand name people recognize.

Stickers for the young children.

There are many different types of product available to the bulk vendor. There are some, I’m sure, I have not mentioned here. Always keep in mind who your customer is and gear your bulk candy vending product to suit them.

Having many locations helps, especially if you have a product that isn’t moving. You can take the non-moving product to another location that may like that item.

Having a sign stating a percent of the sale that goes to a charity will always help when trying to hold an account. It also helps with a retailer that wants too much of a commission. For those of you that would like to know more about the bulk vending business I would like to recommend you Click Here!

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