Branded Coffee Machine Vending

Branded coffee machine vending - can it make you money? We are going to talk about how the branding of a coffee machine can make you money over and above what a regular coffee vending machine can do.

We are going to discuss how much you can charge with a regular machine versus how much you can charge with a coffee machine vending name brand coffee. Also we will discuss how the branded machine can replace an office coffee service.

How does Starbucks coffee fit into this equation?

Seattle’s Best Coffee is a part of the Starbucks Corporation. Starbucks has tabbed the vending business as a growth market for them. To tap into this market they have teamed up with many of the leading foodservice contractors from around the nation.

Crane National Vendors has given its 677 Hot Drink Vendor a new look that proudly displays with a red front Seattle’s Best Coffee name. The vendor is colorful compared to the older coffee machines. It seems to reach out and grab the customer’s attention.

How Does This Help The Vendor?

Studies have been done that show when a coffee machine vending regular coffee is replaced with a branded Seattle’s Best Coffee machine sales have as much as doubled. In addition to the sales going up, the price a vendor is able to charge for a cup of coffee has gone up by as much as 50%.

When a vendor combines these two increases you can see how it can be beneficial to use a coffee machine vending branded product even if the product is costing the vendor a little more.

The sales for coffee vending machines have declined in recent years because of the blue-collar worker being replaced by the white-collar office worker in America.

With this new twist to the coffee vending machine it has sparked interest in the office settings across our country.

Will These Machines Replace Office Coffee Service?

The answer to this question is, no it will not replace OCS but in some of the larger office buildings served by OCS it has. The reason for the change is that some of these locations’ profits have been pinched and they are looking for a way to reduce their expenses.

This is giving the vendor an opportunity to place more coffee machines vending a premium coffee. The prices they are able to charge are good and it is a win win situation for everyone concerned.


With Starbucks lending a name brand to the vendor’s machines the time seems to be right for the vendor to get back into coffee machines. Good places to locate these machines are in white-collar offices, motels, hotels, airports and any location you may find the white-collar worker.

With the addition of a bright color machine that is vending a name brand coffee we are finding opportunities to place machines that are providing the vendor with profits like they have not seen in coffee vending machines in some time.

A coffee machine vending premium coffee is opening doors for startup vendors, as some of the more mature vending companies are slow to respond to these machines because of the replacement cost.

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