Coffee Vending Machines

Coffee vending machines are money makers and that is the first thing you should know about them. The major expense with them is service. The product itself is not a major expense. You will want a coffee vending machine in every major account you service.

Top Products To Sell

The best-selling drinks can vary from one account to another and you, as the operator should always keep that in mind. Black coffee will almost always be your number one selling drink.

The drinks that will normally go into your machine along with black coffee are french vanilla cappuccino, cocoa and almond amaretto. Some other drinks that depending on your location you may want to consider are tea, decaf coffee and other flavors of cappuccino.

Maintenance Of Your Coffee Vending Machines

Maintenance of your machines is a major part of owning these types of machines. The drivers will need to be made aware of their role in the proper way to clean them.

Each and every time a driver services an account they should do a bowl rinse. This is a simple procedure of going through the machines programming till you find bowl rinse and Okaying the process. The rinsing of the bowls runs a little water into each of the mixing bowls while the whipper is running and cleans the bowl.

Once a month you will need to remove the bowls to do a thorough cleaning. This may sound like a major operation but normally should not take much over half an hour.

The coffee vending machines have a tendency to spill product on the inside of the machine. Most manufacturers have placed a tray in the bottom of the machines that can be removed for easy cleaning.

This tray is a wonderful feature of these machines when something goes wrong and drinks end up in the bottom of the machine.

Your coffee vending machines have an exhaust fan built into the back of the machine. This fan helps to hold down the temperature on the inside of the machine. With the need to heat water the temperature and the humidity builds on the inside of the machine.

This humidity can cause your cream and sugar to start to cake and this is a problem that is eliminated with the fan. As with any fan the screen that covers it will start to build up with dust particles. You need to take a minute and clean the fan screen at least once a month.

Proper Care Of The Cups In Your Coffee Machines

Most coffee vending machines will have the option of serving two sizes of cups. The cups holder is normally placed on the inside of the machines door. These dispensers are designed to allow the cup to free-fall to the position where it is to be filled.

It is important to keep the chute that the cup slides through on its journey to the filling station clean or they will not dispense properly. Another problem that stops the cups from falling like they should is cups that are damaged in shipping.

Most commonly the cup that is damaged will be the cup on the very top of the sleeve. To avoid having unhappy customers it is advisable to inspect the cups before you place them into the cup dispenser. You will want to discard any cups that show any signs of damage.

If these maintenance tips are followed you will have a moneymaker that really requires very little attention.


Coffee machines are excellent sources of money and belong in any account with 75 employees or more.

There are a basic set of rules to follow in the cleaning and the maintenance of these machines. If the daily bowl rinsing and cleaning is followed you can eliminate over ninety percent of all problems that are associated with these machines.

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