Coke Vending Machines Versus Pepsi Vending Machine Versus Dixie Narco Bev Max

Coke Vending Machines

Coke vending machines have the name recognition that all of us are looking for. Coke is the largest soft drink manufacturer in the world. The coke brand name is the world’s most recognizable brand.

Having said all that, I believe coke vending machines belong in most every account that justifies a beverage machine. Without their cola on location you will have offended some of Coke’s loyal customers.

Some of Coke’s major players in the market place today are: Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Fanta Orange and Barq’s Root Beer. Along with these add Dasani water, Nestea, Powerade, Full Throttle energy drink, Minute Maid Juice and Gold Peak tea.

Add to it Coke’s competitive nature when it comes to pricing and you have a true winner.

Pepsi Vending Machine

With everything that I just said about Pepsi’s major competitor you might be thinking that Pepsi is just a second rate player in the beverage field. This is simply not the case. The last statistics I reviewed stated Pepsi was about half the size of Coke in world sales, but in the United States Pepsi is a heavy hitter.

The Pepsi Company was started in New York City and has been a leader in the beverage industry since shortly after it’s inception. While Coke holds an edge in the southern states Pepsi holds an edge in the northern states.

The company has several brands that are household names in America and across the world. Some of the more notable brands are: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Diet Mt. Dew, Mug Root Beer. Along with these add Amp Energy Drink, Lipton Tea, SoBe drinks, Ocean Spray Juices and Starbucks Coffee and you can see why PepsiCo is a major player in the beverage world.

Glass Front Beverage Max

We next have a glass front machine that will give you the best of both worlds. The Bev Max, manufactured by Dixie Narco, is a machine that can offer your customers up to forty-five different selections. Unlike the coke vending machines that offer nine selections.

With one of these machines you can offer your customers the Cadbury Schweppes line of products also. This would includes such drinks as: Dr Pepper, A&W Root Beer, A&W Crème Soda, 7/Up, RC Cola, Diet Rite Cola and the Sunkist flavors.

The style of this machine makes the selling of non-carbonated products a breeze also. I have used this machine extensively over the years and am a believer in it. As it does not lock you into any one brand as using a Pepsi or Coke machine does.

If you purchase the Bev Max with a health meter on it you can also sell milk products through it. The down side to the Bev Max is that it does take longer to fill than a regular nine or ten select machine

Glass Front Beverage Max 2

The Bev Max 2 is similar in design to the Bev Max with one major exception, the addition of a robotic arm.

One of the advantages of the Bev Max 2 is that it is more entertaining for the customer, which, when you are selling an impulse item never hurts anything. Another advantage over the first Bev Max is that an older customer doesn’t have to bend over to pick up the drink that has just been purchased.

One of the down sides to the Bev Max 2 is that when you have a problem with the dispensing of a drink many times it will shut down the machine until a service call has been made. Also if there is a problem with the robotic arm it can take awhile to get it back up and running properly.


The regular Coke vending machines and Pepsi vending machines do not give a vendor the great variety that a Bev Max will, but they will give your customers about 85% of the product they are looking for. They are a very dependable machine that just keeps on selling day after day with very few problems and are what you will want for outdoor vending. If you are trying to dislodge a vendor from a location the Bev Max can be very helpful because of the variety it gives a client. You just want to keep in mind the fact that it will require more maintenance than the other style of pop machines.

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