DVD Vending Machines

The DVD vending machines were first produced by a Japanese manufacturer. The machines are normally built in a kiosk style. Western societies in recent years have begun to embrace these dvd rental vending machines.

There are different styles from the touch screen to a rotating display for the customer to choose from. The rotating style shows the title as you turn a turret that has the DVD's in it.

Once the customer has made his/her selection money is deposited and the DVD is dispensed to the customer.

Classic older titles are normally rented for $1.00 with newer titles going for more. These machines will normally accept paper money up to a $20.00 bill.

They will also accept any coin with the exception of the .50-cent piece.

Where To Locate Your DVD Vending Machine

These machines are like most vending machines, they create impulse sales. They work best where people carry cash but you can install a card reader to increase sales with credit or debit cards.

With the rental being an inexpensive amount, and the renter needing to return the DVD in a couple of days, the stores where they are placed like them because of the return traffic they receive. You need to point this out in your sales proposal to avoid paying large commissions.

Some of the best locations for a DVD vending machine would be shopping malls, grocery stores and convenience stores. These are the most likely places you will be placing machines but you will never want to rule out any place that has good traffic flow.

Stocking The DVD Machine Strategies

It is a good idea to stock your machine with both new titles and classic titles. Many people will rent the new title first and then follow it with a classic title while they are there since the classic usually rents for just $1.00.

You will come across locations in your sales calls that will have a high enough volume to warrant more than one machine. In this situation most vendors will dedicate one machine for new releases and another machine for the classics.

Newest Machines On The Market

The newest machines on the market resemble an automatic teller machine. These machines are fully computerized and have a touch screen. The touch screen works faster and the DVD's are dispensed faster.

These machines will hold more titles and as with most new technology cost the vendor more money to buy and maintain. The best part about having the latest equipment is that your customers also will like having the latest equipment in their stores.

Summary And The Future

At the present time DVD rental is believed to be the future of the movie industry. The DVD vending machine is the most convenient way to rent DVD's. These machines can be placed in numerous locations and for the most part require very little maintenance.

It is believed that as more people get used to using the DVD kiosk, rentals overall will go up. More than anything it is the convenience the kiosk supply that will be the major contributor to the growth of the industry verses the video store. Now is the time to make the move in the most exciting thing that has happened to the vending business in a number of years.

As for the future there is a machine that is being developed that will enable a person to download games, movies, and TV shows onto a portable device to take home in the palm of their hand. This would make the kiosk hold an almost limitless amount of products to sell.

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