Cold Food Vending

Cold food vending is an area of the vending business that will make or break the vendor. Too many people look at their locations as a captive audience when they should be looking at them as a restaurant would.

Convenience store foods have held steady in recent years while fast food locations have increased in their share of this market.

Vending machines have a whole host of new foods available for them in today’s market and should be able to compete with the two markets I have just mentioned.

Quality Is Critical

The bread is where it all begins; we have top-notch bread with the breads that are specially produced for the vending business today.

The meat needs to be quality meat no fillers added. Add the favorite condiment to the sandwich and you have a winning combination.

There Are Two Trends In Food Vending

There are many companies that are producing a quick serve restaurant quality product for our vending machines. Companies like Pierre Foods, Don Miguel, White Castle and Buddy’s foods are monitoring trends and have been watching two that have been emerging in today’s market.

The first trend is the extra large serving size. We have seen this take off in the fast food industry in recent years and many of our producers have followed suit. One that comes to mind is the Big AZ line from Pierre Foods.

Then there are the small portion control sandwiches that are also a trend in today’s market. The leader in this market would be White Castle.

The Wall Street Journal has reported the lines are blurring between the traditional snack foods - chips, candy bars and peanuts. The new member to this market is the portion control sandwich like the White Castle eat on the go sandwiches.

Hispanic Foods Are Gaining Popularity

Don Miguel Foods is a leader in the quick serve food market. They have reported that two of their most popular items are the mini taco that comes in a paper tray or what many call the boat. These are a quick snack for many people that are going in for their fifteen-minute break.

The other item Don Miguel is reporting, as a solid top seller for them is the fourteen-ounce burrito. As you can see they are covering both ends of the spectrum with these two entrees.

The Hispanic foods have taken off with mainstream America workers and this trend does not seem to be letting up. Many people enjoy the Hispanic foods and their pricing seems to be very competitive with sandwiches in our hot food vending market.

The Summary Of Food Vending

The cold vending food market has many positives going for it at the present time. There are many companies that are watching the trends in today’s market making life easier on the vendor.

There are many new items coming into our market to help us give our food vending machines new products for our customers to buy. We need to look globally for unique products and flavors that are emerging into the ethnic market.

All the new products that are available for the vending food market makes this an exciting time to be in the food business. For more information on vending visit this Vending related Directory

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