Honor Snack Box Vehicle

Let’s talk about how to set up a delivery vehicle for a honor snack box route. I started out in a 1979 Chevy Malibu. I’m telling you this so that when people tell you it can’t be done you’ll know of someone that had more going against him than you. And I made it!

What Type Of Vehicle Should You Buy?

You will want to buy a cargo van. Cargo vans come in three lengths. There is a short, full-length and an extended length van. The short van is not long enough for the honor snack box rack you will need to build. So, we have narrowed it down to either the full or extended length van.

The full-length van is the one I prefer. Most honor snack box operators build their racks out of 4’x8’ ¼” sheets of plywood. Once the rack is built and sitting in a full length van you will find that there is a little over 1 foot of space between the back of the seats and the front of the rack. The rack will have 5 shelves and with the brand of snack boxes I used you will be able to carry up to eighty boxes a day.

When you look for a van you will want to look at ½ ton vans. They are built to handle the load you will be carrying. If you buy a ¾ ton van your gas mileage won’t be quite as good but the main reason not to buy the ¾ ton is that it will give you a rough ride.

If possible look for a van that doesn’t have windows in the cargo bay. In the middle of summer the light beating in on your snacks will damage your product and upset your customers. It is very hard to find a cargo van without windows in the cargo bay doors. If you have windows in the cargo bay cover them with a film that blocks at least a portion of the sunlight.

Air conditioning is an essential item in this business. It will help keep your chocolate product from melting. Insulating the van will help keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By going to your local lumberyard they can give you a number of options to use for insulating your vehicle.

When To Go To An Extended Length Van

If you plan on using the snack boxes as a springboard to the vending business you may want to buy an extended van. By doing so you will have enough room in your van to carry extra product to fill your vending machines. When running snack boxes with vending machines from the same vehicle you will find that it does create a whole new set of problems.

Vending machines will require maintenance; snack boxes don’t. It is possible to run machines and snack boxes from the same vehicle, I know because I did. I would also say the two should be kept separate. Build one or two snack box routes then buy a separate vehicle to start a vending business.

Most vendors don’t understand the snack box business. This is truly a business that can be built with a very limited amount of startup capital. It will reward you with a solid income for years to come.

Vehicle Summary

Remember, look for a ½ ton cargo van that doesn’t have windows in the cargo bay and has a good air conditioner.

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