Honor Snack Boxes - Servicing The Account

How often should honor snack boxes be serviced? Servicing of your boxes should be kept on a strict schedule. You are the one that knows your accounts the best and should set a schedule that meets your customer’s satisfaction.

You of course have to be profitable, so coming too often will affect your profits. So what is a fair schedule? In most cases I think having eight daily routes to make up one route is a good schedule. That brings you back to each account once every eight working days.

There will be some accounts that will need service more frequently than this and we will discuss that a little later.

Business Location Of Snack Box

The more visible your snack boxes are the better it will be for you. If they are in sight of an employee at all times they will have a tendency to be a more honest account. The box will also sell more when it’s visible to both employees and customers.

Each location will have its own most desirable location. Keep in mind the two things I just mentioned and you will be covering all the bases with your placement.

Account Wants More Chips

You will find this to be a common request. A snack boxes physical dimensions are such that to get a good variety of snacks in your boxes you many times will not have enough room to get the customers desired amount of chips in.

Some retail sellers of honor snack boxes have a small box that will go along with your snack box and it’s made specifically for this purpose. Another way to address this problem is to buy some chip racks to put extra chips on.

The profit margin on chips is such that you will want to accommodate your customer with a request for more chips.

When Should You Give A Customer A Second Snack Box?

If a customer is eating most of the product in your box and is paying for most of it then it's time to give them the second box. Keep in mind that if the account is not paying for a large share of the product they are eating the problem will only get worse with a second box.

My suggestion here would be to get the shortage problem under control before giving them the second box. If the account is honest, by all means give them the second box before a competitor does.

Shortage Control

When you have made the decision of what company to buy your honor snack boxes from talk with them about what they have available to help you keep your shortage under control. Most all retailers of snack boxes will have something to help you address this problem.

Keep in mind that accounts with vending machines normally will have to pay a commission to the account. So when you think of shortage it’s like paying a commission.

One main difference between the two forms of vending is that the honor snack boxes charge one price for everything giving you some very healthy profit margins on chips, crackers and the items that have a lower wholesale value.

For more information on controlling shortage follow this link.

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