How To Keep Honor System Snack Box Records

We are going to cover the record keeping for an honor system snack box company. In this article you will learn how to set up records so that you know what each account is doing in sales and what percentage of shortage they are running.

We are going to include the overall shortage of a route so that you know how much profit the route is generating. And the making of the shortage list for the next time you run the route.

The 3x5 Card Plays An Important Role

When I was out placing new accounts I would always have some 3x5 cards in my shirt pocket. After the business says yes and shows you where to set the box it is time to get a little information on the account.

I would tell them I needed a little information as I pulled the card out of my pocket. I would ask them the name of their business, the address, and how many employees work there along with the hours of operation.

I would assign a number to the card that would help me with the order the route was to be run. The card will be placed in the box coming back. This way you know whose box it is when you go to count it. Over time you will add new accounts between your 1st and 2nd stop making the new stop 1A.

In the honor system snack box business the cards do wear out over time and when the day comes to make out new cards you of course will do away with 1A and it becomes 2.

Record Keeping At The Warehouse

Each honor system snack box route has a three-ring binder kept at the warehouse. When you get back to the warehouse you will add your new accounts to the binder. I always kept a four-column note pad and for each new account I had set up I would transfer the card information to the four-column note pad heading.

Then on the far left at the top of the page I would put the word Date. I would then go to the first column and at the top write Dollars sold. Then in the next column at the top I would write Money in box. The next column I would write Money short/long and in the final column I would write % short/long.

Time To Count And Record Your Sales

I always had a work bench to place my snack box on it was large enough to hold my coin counter, the snack box I was counting and a place for the three ring binder so I could record my sales in it.

I would take the coin box out of the snack box and dump all the money in the coin counter. (When buying your first coin counter buy a cheaper model you don’t need all the speed the higher price models have)

The next step is to count how many items are left in the box. Subtract the number of items left in the box from the number of items that was in it when it was filled.

Once you know how many items have been taken you multiple it by what you charge per item and enter that amount in the first column under Dollars sold.

Now the part we all look forward to. Count your bills and coins add them together for a total amount of money and enter that under Money in box.

Now with the calculator subtract the money in box from the dollars sold and enter the amount short or long under Money short/long. Now divide your third column (money short/long) by your first column (Dollars sold) and you have the percentage short/long. Enter the percent in the fourth column (% short/long)

Now it is time to move to the next snack box. When I put this all in writing it seems like a lot of time but in reality each boxes only takes a few short minutes to count and record.

Honor System Snack Box Overall Route Numbers

After all the boxes are counted I would go through and add the entire first column of the individual pages and record it on the overall route sheet.

Then I would go through and add the entire second column of the individual pages and record it on the overall sheet. By subtracting the second column from the first column you have the overall money short/long.

Then divide column three (money short/long) by the first column (Dollars sold) and now you have the routes overall (% short/long)

Example of Honor System Snack Box Recording

Date 9-2

Product sold $10.00

Money in box $9.00

Money S/L $1.00

% S/L 10%

Due to the constraints of my web page builder I am listing these top to bottom. Unlike the side-to-side way they will go on the four-column page.

Make A List

Look at each account and make a list of the ones that you should put a shortage control card on the next time you run the route. In the honor system snack box business there will be some shortage. You need to let an account know when it gets to high.

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