Honor Snack Box Route Income Potential

The goal with your honor snack box route is to provide your family with an above average income. To accomplish this the operator will need approximately 560 accounts. When broken down that's 70 accounts per day for 8 working days. This will keep two people busy 5 days a week.

One person will be running the accounts exchanging a new box for each accounts used box. The driver then brings the days boxes back to the warehouse where the money will be counted the following day then refilled by the person in your warehouse. The day after they are filled your boxes will be delivered to the customers the route driver will be servicing.

This means boxes will be picked up one day, filled and counted the next day, and delivered the following day. Product is only sitting for two days before being delivered to a new customer.

The territory an operator will need to travel will depend on how densely populated the area is that you live in. When you solicit new honor snack box accounts, don't pass by any doors, the tighter your stops are the quicker you will be able to run them and the more profitable your route will be.

When I went into business my goal was to add two new accounts per day. I would deliver product to the already established accounts and solicit new accounts throughout the day. It is amazing how quickly you can build a route this way and best of all it's paid for when your done building.

Eight Working Day Route

With eight working days in between deliveries of your snack boxes, the operator should be able to have an average of $20.00 in sales per box when they are picked up and taken back to be counted. This, of course, will vary from one route to the next but should be about the average.


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