Ice Cream Vending Machine Or Frozen Food Vending Machine

Ice Cream Vending Machine

Ice cream vending machine, there are a few different styles. The one I most commonly think of is the Fastcorp brand. This machine has a robotic arm that delivers the food to your customer.

When an item is selected the arm moves over top of the item. There is a hose attached to the robotic arm, at the bottom end of the hose there is a vacuum motor that sucks air through the hose. The motor starts to suck air as the weighted hose is lowered down to the selected product.

When the hose reaches the product the vacuum in the hose attaches the hose to the product and the hose along with the product is lifted up. Once the product is out of the column it is maneuvered over top of the delivery door. The vacuum motor shuts off allowing the product to be dropped into the delivery door.

Reading about this machine may lead you to believe it is a complicated machine, but once you see it the machine is very simple in it's design. The thing I most like about the Fastcorp machine is it's reliability. If this machine does not dispense the product it will return the customers money to them. Over the years that I have owned these machines I must say they are the most reliable machine I have ever owned.

There are only two things that have caused me any problem with this machine. The first was a cable that broke shortly after I had installed my first ice cream vending machine. I think that a cable had slipped out of a guide in shipping because 13 years later the machine has not had that problem again.

The second problem is the vacuum. There is a very simple adjustment for adjusting the amount of vacuum needed to dispense product properly. This can be a little sensitive to get set correctly but once it is set you can, for the most part, forget this machine other than restocking it.

I would suggest that you only use the fastcorp ice cream vending machine in large volume accounts as the machine is geared for larger volume accounts.

Glass Front

The glass front freezers are not as common as the Fastcorp, and I'm not going to go into as much detail as I did with the Fastcorp. I will say that I have never had a good experience with this type of freezer. It is possible that some on the market today may be very dependable machines. After the experience I had with this type of machine I just decided for my money I was going to stay with the tried and true, the Fastcorp.

I would love to hear from anyone that has had a good experience with a glass front freezer as I know there are probably people reading this that would like to hear more about this type of machine.

Frozen Food Vending Machine

The frozen food machine has never really taken off. In the vending industry the common food machine is the cold food machine. Most people that eat from a vending machine are looking for something that can be prepared in a short amount of time.

The frozen food vending machine lacks the quick preparation time that most people are looking for in a vending machine.

The same machines that I discussed above can also be used for frozen food sales and I like the Fastcorp machine for the same reason as stated above.

The advantage of the frozen food machine is there is very little that you will ever have to throw away. One thing to keep in mind if you are planning to offer an account frozen and not cold food is that they will be likely to change to a new vendor that is willing to give them the cold food machine in addition to the frozen food machine.


To summarize what we have just talked about-if you are going to offer a frozen food machine I would make it the Fastcorp brand. It is best to keep these machines located in your larger volume accounts. If you are going to offer frozen food I personally would offer it in limited quantity in my ice cream vending machine. As stated earlier in this article if you have found a good location to sell frozen food and have had a good experience with the frozen food machines. I know others would love hearing from you.

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