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I recently set up my vending blog that is hosted by Google. I have always enjoyed my web site and being able to share what I have learned over a lifetime.

I have always wanted to get more interaction from my readers and feel like I have failed in this aspect of my web site. My Blog is for the reader so that they will be able to participate in an instant fashion.

I would like to encourage everyone to join in on the fun of being able to participate with others. I hope to have a blog where the most seasoned veteran and the person who is getting their feet wet in the vending business for the first time can chime in on the conversation.

My blog, like my web site, will be for all forms of vending. I am in hopes that snack box operators, bulk venders and full line venders will come together to make this the most successful blog on the internet for all venders.


I would like to encourage those of you who would like to become an author on my blog to drop me a line through the contact me box with your email address and I will add you to the authors list.

Even if you don’t ask, a well-written comment may get you an invitation to become one of my authors. I will ask all of you to keep your language in the child safe range, as most people will not enjoy vulgar language.

Authors will not be censored on what they write as long as the language stays on the up and up.

The Future

I have no idea where this blog will go but my hopes are we gather a good following of people who enjoy communicating with others that have a like interest in the vending business.

I hope that new people wanting to enter the business can come and learn from those of you that have made this business your living.

Questions are welcome from anyone that is interested in helping me make this the premier vending blog on the web today.


You the reader of my web site have put it in the top ½ percent in the world and I appreciate everything you have done for me. Now is your opportunity to help me with putting a forum out for people to participate in a community.

I have a dream to let the thousands of readers of my web site get the chance to participate; you are all welcome. I thank all of you that have sent me emails that have encouraged me to continue to write. Now I am challenging you to communicate with the rest of our community. Please visit and participate on my vending blog.

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I've had many people ask to speak with me. For those of you that have read my web site but still would like to ask me a few questions I'm now making that possible.

If you have a few questions about the vending or snack box business I'm now doing consulting on a limited basis. I do enjoy talking with people in the business or those thinking of getting into the business but time is the limiting factor.

I'm making myself available for consultation segments in 15 minute intervals. You will be able to purchase time in 15 or 30 minute intervals. Click for more information.

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