Shortage Control Cards

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Your Price:$17.50 for 10 pads with 50 sheets per pad

(You save $12.50)

Shipping: USPS in the United States.

Shipping: $7.20


Your Price:$40.00 for 25 pads with 50 sheets per pad

(You save $28.75)

Shipping: USPS in the United States.

Shipping: $7.20


Your Price:$75.00 for 50 pads with 50 sheets per pad

(You save $50.00)

Shipping: USPS in the United States.

Shipping: $7.20

Shortage control cards are an essential part of any honor snack box business. When used correctly they will help you control the buying patterns of almost any customer.

For those of you who are new to the business you are not trying to make everyone pay that takes a snack from your box. That would be an unrealistic expectation.

What you are trying to do is to keep the shortage at an acceptable level. There is debate to what is acceptable and that will be your call. I think most business owners feel 20% or close to it is a good target to shoot for.

In the vending business many companies are paying 20% of their gross sales to the locations they are servicing. And the advantage a snack box operator has over them is he/she only has $40.00 invested. The vending company may have $100,000.00 invested. You can see why I prefer the honor snack box business.

I used this type of a card for many years and found them to accomplish the goal I wanted. Only fill in the blank space sparingly as in most cases a blank card will accomplish your goal and is less likely to offend all the good honest people who never take without paying.

When you are buying more boxes, it would be a good time to pick up your shortage cards at the same time. Thank you for your business, it is always appreciated and never taken for granted.

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