Snack Box Operator: Is There Room For You?

Why Snack Box Operator? In today’s world finding a business that has room for one more can be difficult. There are many mature businesses that are very difficult to get into. Many times you need some leverage to enter into the business, such as, lower prices or better service.

In many of these mature businesses the market will dictate the price you can charge. The price you charge in most cases will dictate the service you can afford to give.

Are There Territory Openings?

I had a phone conversation with the largest snack box operator in the northeast part of the United States. He was telling me a little bit about his operation and his philosophy on business.

One of the things I got from our conversation was that there are many openings on the east coast for more snack box operators. According to him, there are areas in most every state around him that do not have an operator at this time.

The snack box business has not received much publicity and that, I believe, is the reason these openings still exist.


I live in the Midwest, as many of you already know. I see the operators in my part of the country charging .85 cents per item in their boxes. To do this it is not possible to carry a lot of chocolate.

Give people what they want and charge accordingly, is the east coast operator’s philosophy.

What he told me took me back a step with my thinking. He said he is charging $1.25 per snack. He is willing to carry more chocolate and he also carries the LSS bags of chips.

He went on to tell me that by taking his prices up it has opened the door to being able to carry many items that in the past he had not been able to carry because of the price.

Did he lose any customers? Yes, but the higher price has undoubtedly pleased many of his accounts because of the ability to carry a wider variety of items.


This east coast operator told me he doesn’t worry about 30% shortage. His prices are high enough that he is willing to allow the shortage to run much higher than the operator that is charging .85 cents.

Is The Water Warm?

I believe it is. Let's think about it. There are large areas of the country that are available and prime for the picking. I relate this to a time in our country's history when families were moving west and staking their claim on land.

The difference today is that if you live on the east coast there are still many areas open for the taking. If you are willing to supply a service to the small businesses of America, which make up the lions share of business in America, there are opportunities open for the taking.

This east coast operator supports me in my effort to unite snack box operators. It is my personal dream to hold the first Snack Box Operators convention. Let other operators know of the ezine so that we have a way to communicate with each other.

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