Good Selling Snacks For Your Snack Boxes

When you’re thinking about what items you should carry in your snack boxes you’ll want to keep a couple of things in mind. First, you must think about what the customer will expect to find in the box and also about being profitable.

From Your Customers Perspective

The customer’s consideration is the most important consideration there is. The main reason it is so important is that if you don’t have the proper selection for your customers they are not going to buy as much. They also will not be as happy with their box.

If the customer doesn’t eat you can end up with stale product, which will cut into your profits. Another item to consider is that if a competitor should stop, your customer will be much more inclined to allow them to leave their box.

If a competitor stops and your account lets them leave a box it will cut deep into your sales and profit. Your customer may even ask you to remove yours.

Stocking Your Snack Boxes To Keep Them Profitable

When you are looking for items to carry you must keep profits in mind. Chocolate candy bars are a must, but they don’t provide a lot of profit. You must keep the chocolate in check or your profits will not be where you need them to be to stay in business.

Most of the items you carry will be profitable items other than chocolate. You will always want to have plenty of chips and crackers for two reasons. They are a profitable item plus they sell well.

Ideas Of What To Start With

I’m going to give you some ideas of what items to start with and the quantities of each item I would start with. This is meant to give a new snack box operator the chance of being on an even playing field with a veteran operator.

Healthy snacks are an item that deserves attention in today’s market place. More and more businesses are trying to get their employees to think about exercising and eating healthier.

1st Category: Chips

The majority of the chips you carry should be Frito Lay. This company has done an excellent job of making their brand the number 1 brand in the United States.

While you will carry probably 60% to 70% Frito Lay products try to mix a few other brands in as well. The off brands will usually have a cheaper wholesale value which will give you an opportunity to make a little more profit.

*Plain Chips - 2 bags
*Doritos - 2 bags
*Cheetos - 2 bags
*Barbecue Chips – 1 bag
*Sour Cream and Onion - 1 bag
*Cheez-Its Crackers -1 bag
*Spicy Chips - 1 bag
*Baked Lays - 1 bag
*Baked Doritos - 1 bag

This gives you 12 chips and a good variety with a couple of healthy items mixed in.

2nd Category: Candy Bars

In our second category we are going to discuss the candy bars you will want to carry in your boxes. This is a category you need to keep your customers happy in, but it has a tendency to pull your profit margin down.

We are going to try and give your customers a good variety without going overboard. Nestle’s products are less expensive and you will want to give them as much space in your snack boxes as possible.

*Snickers - 2 each
*Twix - 2 each
*Hershey Almond - 2 each
*Nestle’s Crunch - 2 each
*Baby Ruth - 2 each
*Kit Kat - 2 each

3rd Category: Cookies

Big and small size cookies will give you a good profit category to work with. Just remember not to overdo it and end up offending your customers.

Big Cookies

*Chocolate Chip - 2 each
*Chocolate Chocolate Chip - 2 each
*Peanut Butter - 2 each
*Oatmeal Raisin - 2 each

Small Cookies

*Oreo - 2 each
*Swiss Creams - 2 each

4th Category: Crackers

Here is an item you can make good profits on. You will want a good quantity of them in your snack boxes because they are profitable and they are also a good selling item.


*Cheese crackers with peanut butter - 4 each
*Cheese crackers with cheese - 2 each
*Toast crackers with cheese - 2 each

5th Category: Healthy Items

This is usually a decent category for making a good profit. It also keeps the owner and healthy eating people happy with you and your snack box selection.

Healthy Items

Nature Valley Granola Bars

*Honey and Oat - 2 each
*Sweet and Salty - 2 each
*Peanut Butter - 2 each

6th Category: Miscellaneous

This is a good profit category and will help to fill your boxes with an excellent variety.

*Brownies - 4 each
*Gum - 4 each
*Planter’s Peanuts - 6 each
*Twizzlers Nibs - 2 each
*M&M Peanuts - 2 each
*Chocolate Peanut Butter Wafers - 4 each

By my count this gives you 74 items. Depending on the brand of snack box used you may have to adjust your count up or down. As I said earlier, this is meant to help the operator that is just starting out. To you veteran operators your input is always appreciated.

Remember, as you fill your box, keep the tall items to the back and everything has one price.

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