Toy Vending Machine

The toy vending machine has been around for many years. The beauty of these machines is that kids never get tired of asking mom or dad for a toy as they are walking out of the store.

We are going to talk about some of the different types of machines available for the sale of toys. There are mechanical and electrical machines and each has its pros and cons.

I think that by the time you finish this article you will have a feel for if this is the business for you or not. The business with its low maintenance nature is a good fit for someone wanting a full time or part time business.

The Mechanical Toy Vending Machine

There are several makers of the mechanical units and the company of choice for many is the Oak Brand. Oak manufacturing has been in the business since 1948 and has a wide array of machines to choose from.

They have three different machines the 110, 160, and 220. These machines will dispense a wide range of toys. They can accommodate a 1-inch ball to a 2-inch capsule toy.

The different models are defined by the size of the globe, which allows you to stock more items in larger volume locations. The machines are very dependable which all but eliminates service calls.

The Show Stopper bulk vending machine is a machine that puts on a show after a child has made a purchase. This feature promotes a sell every time the child comes to the store.

Tattoo Bulk Toy Vending Machine

The tattoo vending machine has made its mark in recent years. Like the bulk vending business a person can fill these machines and plan on coming back a few weeks later.

The machine has the capacity to make it a solid moneymaker for the vendor on their return. Tattoos are becoming a part of America and the trend is saying we should capitalize on it now.

Crane Style Toy Vending Machine

These machines attract a lot of attention from kids to adults. They are set up on the chance to get a toy for a cheap price. Of course many will try to win but it is a small number that actually do.

These machines need a 110-volt outlet to plug into and can be set up to take only coins or to also accept bills. The taking of bills is always an advisable feature. The machine has a higher price point and the bill acceptor will more than pay for itself in a short period of time.


No matter which direction a vendor decides to go the bulk toy vending machine has a place. These machines when placed in the right locations are a proven moneymaker and should be considered if you are new to the vending business.

They require very little maintenance especially if you stay with the mechanical units. And filling them is something that can be spread out for weeks in between deliveries.

When a vendor does return, with the nature of the business being that it is an impulse buy and the price point being so low, you can rest assured that there will be money to take home.

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