Tray Shippers For Your Wood Grained Honor Snack Boxes

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Your Price:$69.95 for a case of 25

(You save $89.55)

Shipping:Tray Shippers can not be delivered to a post office box, please provide a physical address in the United States. Shipping will be calculated at checkout

Tray shippers are a box that your filled honor snack boxes will fit into. By using our shipper you are able to stack your snack boxes in your delivery van.

This way of transporting allows you to get several more boxes in your vehicle than you would be able to with a rack. As you can see in the picture the box is the normal brown box you see in the shipping industry.

The box is only used for shipping from the warehouse to your customer. The shippers come 25 in a case. The picture shows a snack box inside. The snack box is not included in the shipper price (it must be ordered separately).

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Tray Shippers For Your Wood Grained Honor Snack Boxes

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