Full Line Vending Companies

Full line vending companies are companies that can provide an account with any type of service they desire for their location.

A full line vendor will be able to provide all the things listed below.

Pop Vending Machines (Glass front and the normal pop machines), Cold Food Machines, Snack Vending Machines, Frozen Food Machines, Coffee Vending Machines, Office Coffee Services, Milk Machines, Fountain Soda Machines, Cafeteria Service and Bill Changers.

Full line vendors enjoy a competitive advantage over their competition for the largest and most profitable accounts.

Warehouse Facilities

Before receiving product you will need a warehouse to store your product. When your just getting started you may visit the local lumberyard or hardware store for shelving. The thing to remember is it doesn’t need to be pretty; it needs to be functional. The main purpose of shelving is to help organize your warehouse. You are also required to keep food products off the floor, another reason for shelving.

All vending companies warehouses that store food are required to be inspected by the local health department. Once you have your warehouse location in mind you can call your local state or county government to set up an inspection. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when talking to the inspector; it is their job to help you set up a safe and legal warehouse.

Some things inspectors are looking for is a clean site. Another thing they will be watching for is if they can see daylight around your doors? If they can you will be gigged and told to make repairs. Most of the things they are looking for are common sense items. Do you have a toilet available for yourself and employees? You must have running water available for washing hands and the vending companies building must be tight enough to keep rodents and insects out.

Keep in mind inspectors are human. Treat them as you would want to be treated and they will be happy to help you understand what they want from you. I never had any serious problems with inspectors and you shouldn’t either.

Many start up vending companies are started in a homes attached garage. The warehouse will need to have a source of heat and air conditioning. You will be handling liquids that need to be protected from freezing. In the summer you will need to keep chocolate cool. This can be accomplished with air conditioning or putting your chocolate in a cooler.

Cold food must be kept cool in a warehouse. Some of the things you will be handling that need refrigeration are milk, sandwiches, burritos and salads. These are items that, for the most part, will be sold through your cold food machines. Health inspectors will always inspect your vending companies coolers. Most have a temperature sensor that checks the inside temperature of your coolers instantly.


You will need a rest room for you and your employees to use. You will need a building that is tight enough around all doors that you cannot see any daylight.

All products must be on shelving and kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cold food needs to be kept cool so a cooler to meet the size of your business will be needed.

You will need a way to move product around the warehouse. A good two-wheeler and a pallet jack are the normal tools needed when starting out. As you grow a fork truck may be needed.

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