Vending Locators

Vending locators are people who will come into your area and place accounts for you. They normally have a set fee for locating new accounts. They will charge different prices depending on what type of machine they are to place.

If you were thinking of hiring a locator to place machines for you it would be a good idea to check out their standing with the better business bureau in their hometown.

The company you choose to do business with should be happy to put you in touch with people they have done business with. You should call a good sampling of the businesses they supply you.

Who Uses Locators?

I have known of snack box operators, bulk vendors, and full size vending machine operators that use vending locators. In most cases it is new operators that will use the locator.

Companies that sell combo vending machines and bulk vending machines in many cases will hire locators to place machines they have sold to people around the country. I have never heard of a full line vending company that hired vending locators to place accounts for them although I’m sure some have.

How Does A Locator Work?

In most cases they will work alone selling your new customers. They will normally take your equipment along with them and place them as they sell the new accounts.

What Should You Ask Before Hiring A Vending Locator?

Of course you will want to know how much it is going to cost you for their services. Most will work on a cost per machine placed on location. This is the only way I would be willing to pay a locator.

Before agreeing to use vending locators you should know if they are willing to place your machines in locations that meet a minimum number of employees at that location.

You will also want to have guide lines to where the equipment is located on the inside of a business. Things such as honor snack boxes, bulk machines, and snack machines should never be placed in direct sun light.

If they are placing full size vending equipment you should agree before hand that you are only going to pay for machines that are located in a break room.

Also are they willing to take you around to see the locations before they are paid? There are many honest locators but when they are being paid per machine that is located it becomes tempting to place machines where no other vending company would.

Price Should Be Negotiated And In Writing

When you hire a vending locator remember they are in business to make a living and will have expenses traveling to and from your location. In many cases they will be spending nights in motels and eating their meals in restaurants.

All this cost money and has to be covered in the cost of placing machines for you. There are some companies that will give a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and this is the type of company I would want to deal with.

You will want a copy of the guarantee before hiring them and read it completely through before signing anything. Listed below are prices that are normally asked for by a vending locator.

$40 ... Honor Snack Box

$45 ... Single Bulk Candy/Gum Machine

$50 ... Double Candy/Gum Machine

$55 ... Triple Candy/Gum Machine

$60 ... U-Turn (4 in 1) Candy/Gum Machine

$70 ... U-Turn (8 in 1) Candy/Gum Machine

$350- ... Combo Soda/Snack Machine

$375... Full Size Soda Machine or Snack Machine

$500 ... Specialty Locations (Certain High Volume Locations for Healthy Snack Vending, Full Sized Equipment, Cranes etc.)

$650.... Full Size Soda/Snack Set


Vending locators serve a valuable purpose for the operator that doesn’t possess the ability to sell. Most vending companies hire their own sales people. When you are competing against those that hire their own salespeople you may feel as though you are handicapped because of the fee you have to pay per location.

My suggestion would be to learn how to sell as soon as possible if you plan on making the vending business your career.

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