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Bulk Vending Machine Companies

When we talk about vending machine companies we normally separate them into three different groups. The first thing we think of is the bulk vending business; we think of the gumball machines first when we think of bulk vending.

There of course are more than just gumball machines in this category. There are also sticker and tattoo, toy, crane machine vending, and interactive bulk vending machines.

These machines can be placed in many different types of locations. They are commonly seen in office buildings to department stores. As with most any vending machine they are an impulse sale item and normally are placed at the entrance and exit of department stores and in the break rooms of office buildings.

Bulk machines normally do not need to be serviced as often as their counterparts and in most cases have mechanical coin mechanisms eliminating most service calls. Their products have a long life making it possible to lengthen out the time between servicing your machines. If you would like more information in this category of vending machine companies follow the link for a more detailed description.

Snack And Soda Vending Machine Companies

There are vending machine companies from across our nation that have chosen the snack and soda machines as their company focus. There are pro’s and con’s to anything we do and I will list some of them on this type of a venture.

If you decide to focus on these two types of machines you have just wrapped up 75% of the business in most break rooms. You have eliminated the coffee and the cold food machines that are two of the most expensive machines a vendor will buy.

The coffee machine is the most labor-intensive machine and must be cleaned regularly or it will give a vendor several service calls. The cold food machine is normally a break even proposition for the vendor as most of the items in it are perishable and only have from 4 days to 2 weeks to move before they have expired dates on them.

With these two machines you can spread out your service schedule, as the shortest coded items are pastries at two weeks or less. If you eliminate the pastry the shortest coded items would be chips and diet soda, which will have from 6 to 12 weeks of life on them when you receive them.

Full Line Vending

The full line vending machine companies are going after the large blue collar manufacturing accounts. They are prepared to service these accounts daily and are willing to make the type of investment it takes to land them.

These large accounts will require a vendor to service more than one break room in many cases at the same account. The vendor will be required to pay a commission to the company which can goes as high as 25% in some cases.

The normal commission rate will be more like 10 to 15%. Many of the ultra large vending machine companies have joined national companies like Canteen, which is a part of the Compass Group. Canteen is a vending company that also sets up franchises so that they have blanket coverage of the United States. They can bid on a companies vending business that has multiple factory locations around the country.

When you become a Canteen franchise you will be given a territory that you must stay in. Any national companies that Canteen is able to win the bid on that has a factory in your territory, you will automatically receive their business.

Canteen and their franchises have been very successful in landing large multiple location accounts. When your company becomes the size that Canteen approaches you it would probably be a good idea to listen to what they have to say.


It is possible to make a very good living in any one of the 3 businesses I have described in this article. Each of them has their pros and con’s, as you will find in any business venture you may decide to look at.

I have tried to give you good solid information to make a sound decision on and I wish you all the success possible. Remember one thing; if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Vending machine companies have done very well and I believe this is a solid business to go into.

Another option that many look at is snack box vending.

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