Free Way To Increase Vending Sales

While many vendors are looking for ways to increase vending sales a study by David Levine of MB Media Brokers has found a way to do just that at no cost to the vendor. As we all know vending is an impulse business and the visibility of our equipment is the key to our success. David’s idea is so simple that many of you will say why didn’t I think of that.

The Initial Idea

David’s idea was to use his company’s signage to boost vending sales. After the controlled test was completed it had mixed results so he went about trying to figure out why the test had yielded these mixed results.

What his company discovered is that a static object can act as signage and the best way to find the most profitable placement is to stand with your back to the vending machine. Now look straight ahead and to your left at the eleven o’clock hour then back to the right at the one o’clock hour. Anyone between these two points that you can see can also see you and the vending machine.

What They Discovered

What they discovered is that when they put their signage on the vending machines in this line of sight the vending sales went up. The vending machines that were not visible in the eleven to one o’clock view the signage did not have much or any effect on the sales of the machines.

David determined that a walk through the location could be very beneficial to the sales of your equipment. By standing in front of your machines and performing the David visibility test you can find the most beneficial placement for your machines. You will want to find the most visible location in a bank of machines and then place your most profitable machine in that location (soda machine). Another option you may want to look at is turning the vending machine slightly to the right or left to enhance its visibility.

The Most Powerful Position

As David puts it the most powerful position is at 0 degrees. But up to and including the eleven to one o’clock angle is well within the sight you are looking to place your machines. If the equipment is at a right angle it loses its pull of the human eye. This would be say in a hallway where people would be walking by the machine to the right or left of it.


You may want to take another look at your locations. Keep in mind that a properly placed machine can increase the vendor’s sales by ten to thirty percent. The farther you can see from your equipment in the eleven to one o’clock sight the better your equipment will sell product.

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