Security And Vending

Vending security, thieves have many avenues for ripping a person off. A thief needs only to take a picture of the front and back of a key. These 2 pictures can be sent to online companies that will use them to make a key. They do this using a 3D printer. Sounds hard for most of us to believe but technology continues to keep moving forward in good and bad ways.

Once you have a security problem the best thing to do is to talk with professionals to see what types of solutions they have to address the specific problem or problems you are having. 

There is what is called a bump key. It works for picking the flat key lock. The bump key is a key that is modified by filing each key to its deepest depth. The key is inserted into the lock then it is hit with a hammer which causes the pins to jump to the shear line which causes the inner cylinder to turn. The lock opens.

The most popular is the mechanical lock.The tubular lock is the lock most vendors use today They are considered to be a medium security lock. The bump key will not work in the tubular lock because the key for the tubular lock is round. 

Drilling a lock is another way a thief will attempt to break into a machine. If this becomes a problem vendors will normally go to a detainer disc lock which is commonly called an anti drill lock. These locks are made of hardened steel making them much harder to drill.

Picking a lock for each application is the key to a good level of security. If it takes an experienced thief longer than 15 minutes to break into a machine then the lock has done its job. The longer it takes the thief to break into a machine the better your odds are that they will give up or get caught.

Vending Security, Fighting Internal and External Theft

Electronic locks are a good theft deterrent. The lock can be programmed to only work with a certain key for certain hours of a day. The machine will also keep a log of when the machine was opened and by what key. This makes identifying the thief a much easier job.

The problem of key copying has been addressed with the electronic key. They are extremely difficult or almost impossible to copy or pick. The access records have been able to help an owner be able to figure out if a route driver is aiding the thief.

Electronic locks operate like a garage door opener in some cases. Cola companies are using them. These controllers normally come preprogrammed. Other electronic keys can be programmed with a computer allowing access to a certain key holder at certain times of the day.

The physical threat is still there as the electronic lock can still be drilled open. The damage done with a drill to an electronic lock can cost the owner up to 6 times the cost of a drilled mechanical lock when you go to replace it. 

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