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In this article we are going to discuss what you should be able to expect from vending software. Things like how it can help you with your ordering of product, pulling an order for an account, to how much product to put on your truck. Also does it integrate with your accounting program?

Does the vending software program you’re looking at allow it to integrate with your accounting software? This is a definite advantage if it does and it is something you will want. Most of the major software will integrate.

Another feature would be would it predict what product to pull for an account? There is software out there today that after you have entered data the first 4 times you fill a machine it will predict what that machine needs when you drive up to an account.

This is a time saving advantage, when you pull up to an account you will be able to pull the order and take in only what you need. It helps save time, as the driver will only have to make one trip in.

The software you choose should also be able to tell a driver if he/she has enough products on the truck to finish the day. It will keep a running count of your inventory and will be looking at the rest of the stops the driver has that day.

Warehouse Advantages

Once your routes are set up on the handheld’s and the computer it should be able to write orders for restocking the warehouse and the trucks each night.

You will in most cases be carrying fewer products on the trucks and in the warehouse. This will save you, the owner, from wasting capital on an overstocked warehouse and trucks.

It should also be able to track orders in shipment.

Arranging Routes

As many of you know fuel cost have become a major expense in the vending business. Your software should be able to help you rearrange your routes to be more efficient for the driver and the company.

Some of the software out there today will show you a map of your accounts and will allow you to drag and drop them from one route to another.

It will also tell you how many dollars you have transferred from the giving to the receiving route. This feature allows you to get an idea if it will be enough or too little in sales.

Another feature the map should give you is arranging the routes to travel the fewest miles helping you save gas, which is money.

Tracking Your Drivers

When the driver starts their day they log into the handheld. The handheld assumes that the driver is on their way to the first account. When they get to the first machine the handheld logs how long they were in transit.

When they move to the next machine it now knows how long it took the driver to fill the machine. The software will help you manage your employees to be more efficient with their time.


The software will take a big portion of the work off the shoulders of the driver. This will help you retain drivers and it turns them into machine fillers instead of route drivers allowing you in many cases to be able to hire people for less money.

The software will help you keep the inventories at a lower level helping you to keep fresher product in the machines. It also lowers the cost of what you have in the warehouse and truck inventories.

With the vending software being able to order product and track its delivery it saves you man hours; and with the employee being the biggest expense most companies have it will save you large sums of money.

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