Vending Machine Snacks (Chips)

Profiting with vending machine snacks can be summed up in one word CHIPS. Salty items in general hold greater profits than any other area of the snack food business. Chips are the fastest mover in this category.

Most vendors are shooting for the cost of their product to be 40% of the retail cost. With chips that goal is easy to obtain even when you start talking about the name brand Frito Lay.

Even when it comes to healthy items the chip manufacturers have addressed this category of the business. If you could only sell one category from your machines it would be chips hands down.

Healthy chips

Healthy items for your vending machines are not a big category but it is one that needs to be addressed. Frito Lay has had the SunChips for many years and they are considered to be a healthy alternative.

The best thing about SunChips is that they sell well and that is always a major concern for the vendor. Frito Lay has also come up with baked chips, which is another alternative for the vendor when considering what healthy items to carry in their machines.

Some of the best moving healthy chips are SunChips in the sour cream and onion and also the harvest cheddar flavors. When it comes to the favorite baked flavors the Plain Chip and Doritos own that honor.

Name Brands

In America the name brand for chips is Frito Lay, which is owned by the PepsiCo Company. Andy Capp Fries are another good selling chip and they have an excellent code length on them.

The Andy Capp brand can usually be bought wholesale a little cheaper than a Frito Lay product.

There are regional players in the vending machine snacks chip category. In Southeast Iowa where I live we have a company by the name of Sterzings. They have a good following and an established name making them a good choice for vendors in my area.

Best Selling Flavors And Sizes For The Vending Machine

There are only 2 sizes of chips that work well in vending machines. The vend bag which in most flavors is a 1 oz bag and the LSS bag which in most flavors is a 1.5 oz bag.

Most vendors carry both sizes in their machines leaving the choice up to the consumer.

Best selling flavors in the vending machine chip category are Doritos, Cheetos, BBQ, Plain Chip, SCO, Fritos, and Andy Capp Cheddar and Hot Fries.


Chips of all kinds sell well and also have a good profit margin. Most vendors want to lean heavy in this category of vending machine snacks for the 2 reasons stated above.

Most vendors have cut back the candy column from 2 rows to one row making it possible to get one more row of chips in their machines and who can blame them.

I would enjoy hearing from different parts of the country of the local brand that sell well in your area. Click on the Contact Us link below and drop me a line.

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